Pure Stock Rules

Pure Stock Rules and Regulations (2006-2008)
The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all Southwest Racing Association events and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE WE INTEND FOR ALL CARS TO BE COMPETING WITH EACH OTHER. IF YOU DO SOMETHING TO YOUR CAR THAT THESE RULES HAVE OVERLOOKED THAT WE FEEL GIVES YOU AN EDGE OVER THE OTHER COMPETITORS, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHANGE YOUR CAR.
The word “STOCK” will mean unaltered and as originally factory produced and installed per year, make and model.
1. 1960 or newer standard size American-made sedans (2 or 4 door type). Camaros and Firebirds are acceptable. No convertibles, pickups, Jeeps or station wagons. Minimum wheel base is 108 inches. Engines and bodies must be make-to-make of year and model.
1. Factory engine and components only industry standard OEM replacement internal engine components allowed. No aftermarket high performance parts allowed. Engine must be in stock position.
2. Holley model #4412, unmolested, with air horn in place, with maximum 1” spacer adapter.
3. No aftermarket electric fuel pumps or pressurized tanks. Factory electric fuel pump is OK with kill switch.
4. Stock steel flywheel. No aluminum, cutting or special over-the-counter types.
5. Cast iron intake an exhaust manifolds only. If no OEM cast iron intake is available for engine, then OEM aluminum intake OK. SUBJECT TO TECH APPROVAL. No headers or speed equipment of any kind. Mufflers and tail pipe mandatory and exhaust must exit behind driver. No cut off. After market mufflers are acceptable and optional.
1. Must be complete and stock, including all sheet metal. Cars must remain stock in appearance. Destroyed panels must be replaced with stock parts. Fenders may be cut out for tire clearances, not to exceed three (3) inches.
2. Front inner wheel wells panels may be removed.
3. Both front inner door panels may be cut out for door bars only. No other inner panels may be cut out.
4. Grill may be replaced with wire screen.
5. It is MANDATORY that all upholstery or plastic interior panels and stock dash must be removed.
6. Stock firewall must be retained. No excess holes in firewall.
7. Drivers door must be chained, bolted or welded shut. Subject to technical inspection.
8. Hoods may be gutted.
9. Nosepieces may be replaced with OEM appearing, ALL INSTALLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO TECH APPROVAL.
10. OPTIONAL hood hinges, if no hood hinges six (6) hood pins total allowed. Four (4) in front and two (2) deck lid pins
1. STOCK. NO alterations, reinforcing, plating etc. All frame and body mounts must be stock.
1. Front and rear over bar with 3 horizontal door bars MANDATORY. Call tech inspector if you have any questions.
2. Kickers are optional and may only be in the inside of the car. Kickers may not extend to the rear end of the car. No diagonal bars, two (2) bars only.
3. All cars must have four (4) point cage with a minimum of four (4) bars on the left door and three (3) on the right door.
4. Steel Door plate 10 gauge or 1/8 minimum thickness, must be securely welded to outside of driver side door bars and cover area from top door bar to bottom door bar and from rear hoop down-post to five (5) inches in front of seat.
1. All stock bumpers must be reinforced so as to be securely fastened to the vehicle. Reinforced means to attach the bumpers to the chassis, so that it can not be knocked off if the car is impacted.
2. Tow loops are mandatory.
1. Automatic or standard transmissions allowed.
2. Stock type clutch and flywheel or flex plate required.
3. All transmission components must be stock.
4, Safety bell housing or transmission blanket allowed
1. Must be stock (make-to-make). No floaters or quick changes.
2. Gear ratio optional.
3. Posi-traction optional. No lockers of any kind.
1. Must remain stock.
2. No cutting, heating or modifying or any suspension or steering components.
3. No weight jacks. No spring spacers.
1. Factory stock. Hydraulic on all four wheels if original specs provided for hydraulic. Disc if specs provided for disc.
1. Stock steel wheel not to exceed seven (7) inches. Chrome or white spoke OK. Not to exceed seven (7) inches.
2. One (1) inch hex lug nut MANATORY, larger studs optional.
1. Seven (7) inch maximum tread width on DOT casing.
2. Must be street legal.
3. No mud, snow tread or nobbies.
4. No racing tires. Any size tire is acceptable
1. Only one (1) radiator.
2. Must mount in stock position. Tubing hoop allowed. NO KICKERS.
3. No holes may be cut in hood. Hood must close in stock position.
4. Must have a one (1) gallon overflow can mounted in engine compartment. ELECTRICAL
1. Any 12 volt battery permitted. Battery may be moved to inside of vehicle in passenger compartment. If the battery is located in passenger compartment, it must be fully enclosed in an approved battery box and securely fastened to floor. All battery installations are subject to tech approval.
2. Ignition will remain stock. NO duals.
3. No car to car to pit radios or communication devices are permitted.
4. A tubular column switch is acceptable. A toggle switch for the column is optional and must be on the left side, clearly marked.
5. ALL cars must have clearly marked “MASTER DISCONNECT SWITCH”, within the driver’s reach and accessible from outside the car.
1. Fuel cells are mandatory.
1. A racing seat and five point racing harness, with four (4 year date stamp on harness) are mandatory. Seat must be mounted to the roll cage.
1. A fire extinguisher with gauge mounted in drivers reach, mandatory.
2. Approved SA 90 or newer racing helmets mandatory, open or closed face. Full fire suit required. Neck brace, racing gloves and racing shoes are recommended.
3. A quick release steering wheel is acceptable and optional. The quick release steering wheel must be on the stock steering column, from the blinker forward must remain stock on the steering column. ONLY the steering wheel may be a quick release.
4. Window nets are mandatory.
5. The roll bar must be padded at any location that the driver may come in contact with it in the event of an accident.
1. All glass must be removed.
2. Windshield must be replaced with screen mesh (1/2” inch maximum covering all of opening). A half screen on the windshield is acceptable.
3. No mirrors of any kind allowed.
4. A minimum of 3” straps, 1/8” x 1” steel strap will be mounted vertically in front of the driver’s side opening evenly spaced. ALL INSTALLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO TECH APPROVAL.
1. Car numbers must be on both sides and contrasting color, minimum eighteen (18) inches high and at least twelve (12) inches wide. Hood and deck lid must have three (3) inch high numbers readable from back and front of car.
2. Drivers full name must be on both edges of top, minimum three (3) inches high. RULES & PROCEDURES
1. Pit stops in pit area must be in an orderly fashion and with SAFETY in mind. Pit speed is max 5 mph in pits.
2. Cars will be inspected before and after the event.
3. These events are designed for simple, unmodified factory type cars. Only factory type cars will be allowed to compete.
4. If a car entered in this class is altered or modified to compete in another class, that car will not be allowed to return to this class to enter into competition. PROTEST RULE
1. As per SWRA general rules.
INTERPRETATION OF RULES On misinterpretation of a rule, the official’s interpretation shall be the official interpretation and will supersede any and all other possible interpretations. If you are in doubt on any rule, ask and official or technical inspector. The decision is to be in writing and given to the party requesting the decision of the interpretation. Where there is no specific rule to govern the occasion the official’s decision will be final. Any modification not covered in these rules will not be allowed unless approved by SWRA Board of Directors. General Rules and Regulations of the Southwest Racing Association shall apply and are subject to all cars/participants for this class.
Revised 7/30/2006 Earl Rosenbaum

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