Mini Dwarf Rules



 The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all Southwest Racing Association events and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others.



AGE REQUIREMENT: Five years to 15 years old. Birth Certificate may be required.

ENGINES All vehicles are restricted to a maximum of one Briggs and Stratton “Intek” OHV engine, either 5.5hp or 6.5hp. The engine must remain unmolested, utilizing stock internal parts. The engine must be rear mounted. Removal of the governor components is legal. All internal engine parts shall remain stock Briggs and Stratton for the Intek motor. No aftermarket camshafts, crankshafts, pistons, lifters or aluminum flywheels allowed.

ENGINE POST RACE INSPECTION The First place and one random car will have their engine inspected by a tech official after every main event. The inspection consists of the removal of the side cover to check the internal parts of the motor and the magnet check to the flywheel for any aluminum flywheels. The random car will be chosen before the start of the main event by a draw of a number indicating the finishing position to be chosen. If the driver or the car owner refuses a post race inspection of the engine, the driver will lose all points obtained during the race event AND served a two-race suspension, ONCE ALL FINES ARE PAID. The CAR OWNER will be FINED $250.00. The SECOND OFFENSE WILL CONSIST OF THE LOSS OF ALL POINTS AND THE CAR OWNER WILL BE FINED $250.00 AND THE ENGINE WILL BE CONFISCATED BY THE TECH. The SWRA Board will deal with any additional offenses. All fines will go to the Southwest Racing Association Mini-Dwarf Points Fund.

ENGINE PROTEST: ANY Southwest Racing Association Mini-Dwarf MEMBER /DRIVER or CAR OWNER may file a WRITTEN PROTEST WITHIN (5) MINUTES of the main event with any tech official in regards to any car part other than the engine thought not to be incompliance with these rules. The cost of the protest is $100.00 CASH ONLY per part to be protested. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY PROTEST WILL RESULT IN A $500.00 FINE. THE FINE WILL GO TO THE SOUTHWEST RACING ASSOCIATION MINI-DWARF POINT FUND. THE CAR AND DRIVER WILL LOSE ALL POINTS UP TO THAT NIGHT AND BE SUSPENDED UNTIL SUCH TIME AS THE FINE IS PAID. ANY ENGINE PROTESTED AND TORE DOWN SHALL BE CERTIFIED AS LEGAL AND RESEALED BY TECH BEFORE IT CAN BE RACED AGAIN. If the protested part is found legal, the protested car owner keeps the $100.00. If the protested part is found to be illegal the person making the protest shall have his/her money returned to him/her. The car found with the illegal part shall lose all points earned for that night.

FUEL: Fuel is restricted to gasoline only. Racing gasoline is acceptable. No alcohol or fuel additives. No NOX nitrous oxide. Southwest Racing Association reserves the right to drain any fuel tank at any time and re-fill with gasoline. The removed fuel will be tested. If fuel is found to be illegal after testing, the car and driver will lose all points for the night.

FUEL SYSTEM: Any normally aspirated carburetor is allowed. No fuel injection. No pressurized systems. Aftermarket fuel cells are acceptable.

THROTTLE: All cars must be equipped with a positive throttle return spring at the carburetor and at the throttle so the throttle will close when released. The throttle must be operated by the foot

One foot operated brake, disc or drum, on the rear axle only.

DRIVE SPROCKETS Any steel or aluminum split or solid drive sprocket ranging from 60-99 teeth. No jack shafts permitted. Chain to be ran from clutch to drive axle ONLY. No torque converters or belt drives.

ENGINE PLATE: Engine plate must be mounted in center of frame rails.

CLUTCH: Only dry centrifugal type engine clutch permitted, chain drive only. Any tooth count on clutch is acceptable.

WHEEL BASE: 57 ½ inches MINIMUM, 58 ½ MAXIMUM. MAXIMUM WIDTH is 42 inches centered in car.

BUMPERS AND KICKOUTS: Front Bumper: 23 inches wide. 5 ½ inches high. Minimum 5 inches centered above the ground. Rear Bumper: 35 inches wide. 5 ½ inches high. Minimum 5 inches centered above the ground. All bumpers must be continues lop or turned in towards the body to prevent cars from being hooked together. No plating or reinforcement. Kick outs/Nerf bars: Old style still legal, however, full-length nerf bars, 3 or 4 point mounting not to exceed beyond the outside tire width. Bars are to be of ¾” tubing .060 or .095 wall thickness. Upright or vertical bars are to be mounted through upright or vertical door bars only. Lower bar must be mounted in 2 places to lower frame rail only. No bars may be mounted to sheet metal only. Any car with improperly mounted bars will not be allowed to race until such time as the bars are properly mounted.

GROUND CLEARANCE: Minimum 2 ½ inches at the bottom of the seat. 4 inches at the bottom of the frame rails.

WEIGHT: Minimum 250 pounds without the driver.

TIRES AND WHEELS: Tires must be TURF TREAD no slicks. No grooving or sipping of tires allowed.     FRONT 15 x 6.00 x 6     REAR 16 x 6.50 x 8

INTERIOR: Aluminum racing seat mandatory.

GUAGES: Tachometer and temperature gauges are permitted.

SEAT BELTS: 5 point 2 inch minimum width seat belts are MANDATORY. Seat belts must be worn at all times while on the racing surface.

CAR BODY: Car body style will be of a 1932 to 1939 vintage, coupe, sedan, or truck. Car body must be made of metal. No aluminum, fiberglass or any other type material. ALL CARS MUST HAVE DRIVER PROTECTION BARS BUILT INTO THE FRAME. Maximum height of car from lower frame rail is 38 inches. Maximum width of car body is 26.5 inches. Roof hatches or door must be hinged from the front. NO INTERIOR ROOF LATCHES OR PINS ALLOWED.

SUSPENSION: One or two spring front suspension. Spring only no valves allowed, sliders and springs allowed. One solid front axle. NO REAR SUSPENSION, solid axle will be affixed to the rear frame rails.

NUMBERS: All cars must run numbers a minimum of 8 inches high and 1 ½ inches wide. The numbers must be on both doors and roof. A number must be affixed to the rear of the car, minimum 3 inches.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: All drivers are required to wear the following at all times while on the racing surface:

* Helmet – full face with shield down or goggles (M-85 rating minimum).

* Neck Collar or neck restraint system.

* Gloves.

* Fire retardant racing suit required.

* All cars must have window nets on both windows. Arm restraints are optional but cannot be used

in lieu of window nets.

* All cars must have windshield wire mesh installed.

MISCELLANEOUS: After the heat races, the driver who won the first heat will flip a coin, if he/she calls it there will be no inversion. If it is opposite of what the driver called, they will roll a dice and whatever number comes up on the dice will be the number of cars inverted.

Drivers MUST be members of the Southwest Racing Association to earn points.

Beginning drivers will start in the back for their first three events.

These rules are designed to promote fair consistent racing any deviation from these rules not

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