Factory Stock Rules


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all Southwest Racing Association events and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE WE INTEND FOR ALL CARS TO BE COMPETING WITH EACH OTHER. IF YOU DO SOMETHING TO YOUR CAR THAT THESE RULES HAVE OVERLOOKED THAT WE FEEL GIVES YOU AN EDGE OVER THE OTHER COMPETITORS, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHANGE YOUR CAR.

a. Open to any American made hardtop passenger cars and station wagons. No convertibles, jeeps or sports cars.
b. All cars remain stock for year, make and model per manufactures original specifications. The only exceptions are those contained in these rules.
c. Minimum wheelbase will be one hundred eight (108) inches. MUST have factory chassis.
d. All Casting number and part numbers will remain intact to be legal. You are responsible for what you run.

a. After market, stock looking body panels are optional. Any after market body is subject to tech approval. The body must be complete. No alterations or customizing. Minimum 4” clearance to ground on body parts. OEM steel roof is required.
b. Stock front and rear bumpers must retained. No exposed crash or nerf bars. Bumpers may be re-enforced with 1” diameter tube on ends only. All bumpers must be chained with 3/8” chain, two chains needed per bumper. Bumper-ends must be closed.
c. All interior upholstery must be removed.
d. Gutting of interior permitted, but firewall sides and rear panel should be sealed, no holes. Excess car wiring may be removed.
e. All doors must be welded or bolted shut. No rope, chain or wire allowed.
f. All sharp metal must be removed. Removal of antenna, door handles, mirrors, headlights, taillights and all other exterior glass is mandatory. g. All glass will be removed and a safety screen of 1-inch maximum square mesh will be installed in place of the windshield. No other glass or window coverings will be permitted.
h. A minimum of 3 straps, 1/8” x 1” steel strap will be mounted vertically on the inside of windshield opening spaced evenly. All installations subject to tech approval.
i. Six (6) hood pins needed. Four (4) in front and two (2) deck lid pins if deck lid is hinged; four (4) pins if not hinged are mandatory.
j. Cars must have a grill. Stock type can be replaced with 1” mesh screen.
k. Fender must be neatly trimmed and rolled with no sharp edges.
l. Headlight and taillight holes must be covered and show good workmanship.
m. No mirrors of any kind permitted.
n. Plastic reproduction nosepieces allowed. Must resemble stock type body. No outlaw styles allowed.
o. A tow hook must be added to the front and rear of car.

a. No alterations, customizing or reinforcing of the chassis. Sway bar mounting must be stock and in stock location. The left side may be connected with a chain.
b. Stock type springs of any kind or after market spacers (metal or rubber). Must be in stock location.
c. One (1) stock shock per wheel in stock location. Gas shocks may be used if they are stock replacement for your car.
d. Caster and camber may be changed by normal methods only. No cutting or welding.
e. A-arms must be stock for chassis and be same length right and left, upper and lower.

a. Stock rear ends as per manufacturer’s specifications. No floaters. Ford 9” allowed with stock mounts for chassis being used.
b. Rear ends must be locked.
c. All drive shafts must be painted white, steel only.
d. Transmission must be stock for make of motor and chassis being used.
e. A drive shaft loop is required twelve (12) inches from the front u-joint, under the floorboard, and around the drive shaft. The strap shall be constructed of ¼ inch steel and at least 1 ½ inches wide and will be a complete 360-degree loop around the drive shaft.

a. Steel wheels only. Maximum eight (8) inches wide. No aluminum wheels. No exceptions.
b. No mixing of wheel sizes, all four must be of the same size and diameter. Spacers will be permitted.
c. All wheel weights will be on the inside of the wheels. No bead locks or screws. Minimum 9/16” wheel studs mandatory on car. One (1) inch hex lug nuts mandatory on all four.
d. Competitors may use any street DOT tire. No snow or knobby tires. No racing recaps. All tires are subject to 11 ¼ ” tire gauge inspection at any time. All factory names and numbers must remain on tires.
e. Any G60-15 IMCA stamped tire (Hoosier or American Racer) or American Racer G60-15 (KK-704) tire may be used. NO grooving, siping or softening compounds may be used on IMCA type tires.
f. NO tires may be grooved. Siping allowed on DOT tires ONLY.

a. Gasoline is the only approved fuel. Any fuel that will mix with water is not allowed. No Nitrous Oxide, Methanol, Nitro-methane, or any other oxygen bearing additives permitted.
b. Fuel cell is mandatory. Fuel cells must be securely installed in the rear trunk compartment with two (2) 1/8” x 1” straps, both lengthwise and crosswise. Trunk flooring must be partly removed. If fuel cell is lower than bottom of back bumper, it must be protected by a loop.
c. Filler spout must be inside trunk compartment.
d. Fuel line may run inside driver’s compartment if it is securely enclosed inside steel tubing and sealed at both ends.
e. Synthetic rubber (neoprene) is recommended for fuel lines.
f. Adequate firewall must be constructed between gas tank and driver. Subject to tech approval.
g. No electric fuel pump.
h. Fuel cells will require a check valve in the vent system, no vented caps.

a. No cutting or welding of any steering components. U-joints optional to replace rag-joints.
b. Stock four (4) wheel brakes are required and must be in good working order. Subject to tech approval. Only stock factory proportioning valves allowed. Dual master cylinders are allowed and optional.

a. All cars must have a six (6) point roll cage with a minimum of four (4) door bars on the left side and three (3) on the right side.
b. Steel Door plate 10 gauge or 1/8 minimum thickness, must be securely welded to outside of driver side door bars and cover area from top door bar to bottom door bar and from rear hoop down-post to five (5) inches in front of seat.
c. The cage must be a minimum of 1 ½” tubing (1 3/4 ” is recommended). Minimum thickness is .095. If the roll cage is bolted to the floor pan, a 6” x 6” x ¼” steel plate must be bolted to the top and bottom of the floor pan to weld to.
d. The roll bar must be padded at any location that may come into contact with driver in an accident.
e. A front radiator hoop is allowed. Four (4) kicker bars may be linked between the radiator hoop and main cage.
f. The windshield center bar will be at least 1 ½” x .095 with round tubing mounted in cage.

a. All cars must weigh a minimum of 3,400 pounds and maximum weight of 3,900 pounds with the driver.
b. Bolt on weight must be bolted securely, and no lower than bottom of frame member in trunk area, subject to tech approval. No weight allowed in the driver’s compartment. All bolted on weights must be painted white and stamped with the car number. Minimum of two (2) ½” bolts per 50 pounds of weight must pass through all weights and attaching structure.
c. The track scales are the only official weights. It is the responsibility of the driver to assign one person to let the Weigh Master know when the car is on the scales properly and to their approval before the car will be weighed. Cars will be weighed on time and one time only.

a. The engine is to remain stock for make and model, in stock location. No set back or offset allowed.
b. Any flat top piston.
c. No magnetos. MSD 6A ignition boxes are optional.
d. Hydraulic cams only. No hydraulic roller cams. Maximum lift to be 0.500”, to be measured at the valve. No mushroom lifters.
e. Stock clutch and flywheel only. No aluminum flywheels. Steel bell housing or approved scatter shield is mandatory on manual transmissions. Automatic transmission must have a minimum of 10 ” torque converter, fully operational and scatter shield.
f. Power steering pumps optional. No quick steers.
g. Cylinder head must be stock factory production, unmolested. Cast iron only. Definition and Official interpretations of words: Stock Factory Production-A stock head shall be characterized as a cylinder head which was offered as standard replacement OEM equipment will be considered legal. No porting or polishing or machining will be allowed. All heads must have stock heat risers. No grinding, shot peening, acid etching, sanding, heavy wire wheel or any means of removing, smoothing or polishing of metal. No angle milling of head to lower cc of chamber. No Vortec heads allowed.
h. Screw in studs, guide plates and poly locks are permitted.
i. Valve springs must be stock factory production.
j. Maximum 362-cid on Chevy and Ford. Call tech on other engines.
k. Except as described, all other internal engine parts must remain OEM. Specifications as to size and shape weight and finish. NO ROLLER ROCKERS. NO STUD GIRDLES.

a. Holley model #4412, unmolested, with air horn in place, with maximum 1” spacer adapter.
b. Intake manifold must be stock OEM production cast iron or aluminum. UNMOLESTED.
c. Two (2) throttle return springs must be used, one (1) on carburetor and one (1) on the linkage.
d. No ram airs or spear air devises permitted. All air devices must be stock appearing, flat air cleaner lid only.

a. Exhaust system must remain stock in original stock position under car. Exhaust must extend past driver. Headers are optional.

a. One (1) radiator must be mounted in original location.
b. No visible air ducts allowed on body.
c. No electric fans

a. One (1) passenger car battery only, 12 volt only.
b. If battery is located in passenger compartment, it must be fully enclosed in an electrically insulated leak proof steel box. All battery installations are subject to tech approval.
c. All cars must have a clearly marked “MASTER DISCONNECT SWITCH”, within the driver’s reach and accessible from outside the car.
d. Self starter must be in working order and able to start engine at track entrance.

a. A driver’s window net mandatory and subject to tech approval (no string type nets). All drivers’ window nets will be securely attached at the bottom with a quick release seat belt type attachment in the upper left front corner.
b. Nomex type fire retardant suit is mandatory, must be SFI rated. No nylon shoes, jackets, or polyester clothing of any kind will be permitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.
c. Fire extinguisher with charge indicator, 2 pound minimum, mounted within driver’s reach is mandatory.
d. Racing seat must be used and must be welded or bolted in a fixed position (aluminum required). The back of seat must be secured to roll bar behind the seat. All installations must pass tech inspection.
e. An approved five point racing harness with date stamp no more the four (4) years old is required. All seat belts must be fastened in an approved manner with 3/8” thick minimum grade 8 bolts and have a single point release mechanism. All installations subject to tech approval.
f. Eye protection must be worn any time you are on the track.
g. Helmets must meet Snell 85 testing standards for automotive racing. The S.W.R.A. strongly recommends the use of Snell SA90 helmets.
h. The roll bar must be padded at any location that may come into contact with driver in an accident.

a. Addressed in the S.W.R.A. General rules.

a. Legible and clean numbers are required on both front doors of the car and on the roof facing right. These numbers must be a minimum of 18” tall. Numbers at least 6” tall are required on the front and rear of the car. Failure to field a car at least every 60 days could cause you to loose your car number. If this happens, there are no refunds on lost car numbers. Be sure you are going to field a car before you buy a car number. Previous year’s champion exempt.
b. Letters only are not allowed.
(Revised 6/25/03) Revised 7/14/04 Valerie Vellas SWRA Secretary 04/05 Revised 9/12/06 Earl Rosenbaum

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